What is the message that Cannes leaves from the perspective of Brazilian creatives

What is the message that Cannes leaves from the perspective of Brazilian creatives

Professionals from the most awarded Brazilian agencies this year talk about their impressions and indicate the most significant cases of the edition

The return of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to the French Riviera after two years was marked by a mix of celebration, protests and a quest to find ways to deal with a historic moment in which society demands more active, engaged and conscious attitudes towards brands. and communication market agents.

A scenario of concern also represented in the Lions and distributed GPs, many of which are connected with realities that urgently need to be transformed, such as social inclusion. Among the professionals from the most awarded Brazilian agencies at this year’s festival heard by PROPMARK, the perception is that the strength of purpose has entered once and for all in the communication strategies of the brands and must be increasingly activated.

Check below the impressions about the edition and the cases that won the most significant Lions, from the perspective of these creatives.

“Cannes 2022 leaves two core lessons. The first is about how much the face-to-face meeting is inspiring for the creative industry. Exchanging in an informal environment, with clients and peers from different countries and cultures, is an experience that directly impacts our worldview and, consequently, our work, in addition to strengthening a sense of community that is very important for the market. The second lesson is about the increasingly activist role of brands in relation to different causes. This year, sustainability led the debates, but we have already seen this happen with a focus on gender and racial issues, for example. I think Glass’s GP, created by DDB Mexico for WeCapital, answers an issue that has become even more urgent during the pandemic: the financial inclusion of women. This work reinforces the importance of brands acting in favor of the issues that afflict the communities in which they are inserted in a consistent and lasting way. From Brazil, I cannot fail to mention our case Los Santos +3º C for Greenpeace. It was the most awarded Brazilian case of the year and addressed the central theme of the event, sustainability, translating the impacts that the greenhouse effect can cause into the gaming environment and inviting new generations” Rafael Pitanguy, CCO of VMLY&R
“Cannes’ main learning for 2022 is to put action before communication. The festival has valued ideas that materialize purpose with practical actions that have an impact and, in some way, collaborate with the solution of society’s problems. It is inevitable not to mention our Gold with Fangs in the 80’s. It is a project that synthesizes many values ​​of Soko as an agency. From the door out, a project that brings earned media as the center of our story and social impact as a way to connect with people and make this story go forward. From the door to the inside, a project that started from a real briefing and globally proves our vision that it is possible to do creative, relevant and plural work without replicating the toxic practices of the communication market.” Rafael Ziggy, ECD da Soko
“The main message that Cannes leaves for the industry is that, once again, the power of creativity resists, and how an idea can transform a country’s culture, and enable conversations never thought possible, and also rebuild an entire country. . Cannes showed us that people are not alone, through collective power. The power of the collective and the inclusive, which make ideas increasingly exponential. Backup Ukraine (from Virtue Worldwide, New York, created for Polycam/Unesco), for me, was a remarkable case and one of the Cannes GPs (Digital Craft). Through technology, a simple idea can help rebuild a country.” Sergio Mugnaini, CCO from Ogilvy
“The festival leaves a message of transformation. It is interesting to see how Cannes has tried to be more inclusive and to follow the path of the market as a whole. This fact is reflected in everything, from the award-winning pieces, through the event’s program to the faces we saw at the Palais. We’ve had several GPS delivered to smaller, non-traditional markets, like five GPs going to India, as well as Mexico, Belgium, UAE and Portugal. We had the presence of black creatives at the festival in a super-mobilized way, for example, from an incredible program created by the Black Creative Group, on Inkwell beach. And even the delivery of the Lion of São Marcos to Colleen DeCourcy, a professional who is recognized not only for being undeniably creative, but also for all the value she adds to the industry. The Unfiltered History, by Dentsu Bengaluru, India, for Vice Media, is a universal insight, for a super-relevant cause, common to all colonized countries. So relevant that it was impossible not to be impacted by it. No wonder it took three GPs.” Tiago Abreu, creative director of GUT SP
“The message that Cannes 22 leaves is creativity with purpose. We saw this value present in the GPs of this edition and also in previous market awards, with cases that use creativity to contribute to the solution of latent problems today, such as sustainability, democracy, diversity and inclusion, for example. In these projects, brands stop being observers or storytellers, and take on a more active and fundamental role as agents of transformation. The Elections Edition is a very potent example of using creativity with purpose. In an attempt to discourage national elections in Lebanon, the government claimed that a lack of paper and ink could cancel May’s polls. To support the country’s democracy, AnNahar newspaper stopped production of its print edition for a day, the first time in 88 years, and donated ink and paper to be used on ballots.” Matias Menendez, ECD da AKQA
“My impression of this year’s Cannes Film Festival boils down to this mathematical equation: diversity brings more richness to any environment and, especially in our industry, it means creative empowerment. More original and creative ideas generate more positive impact. And here comes an important variable: positive impact for brands and the world! Ideas that help sell more products or services are definitely not enough, they need to help meet the most urgent needs of people and the planet! It became more than clear, something that, modesty aside, I have been saying for at least 10 years, that brands are the main agents of transformation of society, with more power to build a desirable future than governments! Highlight for all Grand Prix connected to positive impact. But you can’t help but be an owl and talk about the identity of Rio Carnaval, which helps to preserve and value one of the greatest expressions of our culture representing the entire samba community and still earning two Golden Lions!” Fred Gelli, CEO of Tátil Design

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